So far I’ve learned that diet coke tastes like exactly the same in canada

Omg I’m in the airport and I’m so nervous, I keep being like SHIT is this the right place SHIT what do i do

Hey, I just made a instagram account for my study abroad at britap123 (cool name I know haha), so if you’re interested in seeing any Shanghai pics, follow me and I’ll check out yours too :D

missmegami replied to your post “missmegami replied to your post “Also I might make a study abroad…”

I really hope you’ll be able to! :D all of that sounds great and you’re ready~. Are you nervous to be around such a new culture and people??. And I really want to study abroad in France ;’)

I’m SUPER NERVOUS esp cause I totally haven’t been studying chinese like i should lol hopefully the 3 hours a day of language classes will help

I hope you can study abroad in France!! I was there for….4 days and did touristy stuff but I had a lot of fun lol


god: dont worship false idols
me: what about love live
god: those the real idols


at my 16th birthday party my friend john accidentally flashed one of his balls and i remember it in vivid color & detail like sometimes i forget the faces of loved ones but that single nut haunts me. one time i fell in a ditch and i kept sabotaging myself like “what if the last thing i think of before i die is john’s nut” like i wasn’t actually gonna die but these are the kinds of things you consider when you fall in a ditch. john’s nut