The thing that’s the worst is not being able to keep up on my anime cause I’m dying not being able to see the end of HxH (even though I’m up to date on the manga) and Free

Yo I haven’t posted on here for an eternity but Shanghai is good

(If you’re wondering why I haven’t, it’s a nightmare to get on non-Chinese sites, especially tumblr because of all the pictures. It took like 5 minutes just for me to try to create this post. This is pretty terrible for someone as internet obsessed as me, but at least youku has some American tv shows and a lot of AKB and H!P vids)

There’s lots of good food for cheap, subway system is great, and there’s milk tea everywhere which is pretty amazing

I’m never gonna get used to squat toilets though..

So far I’ve learned that diet coke tastes like exactly the same in canada

Omg I’m in the airport and I’m so nervous, I keep being like SHIT is this the right place SHIT what do i do

Hey, I just made a instagram account for my study abroad at britap123 (cool name I know haha), so if you’re interested in seeing any Shanghai pics, follow me and I’ll check out yours too :D

missmegami replied to your post “missmegami replied to your post “Also I might make a study abroad…”

I really hope you’ll be able to! :D all of that sounds great and you’re ready~. Are you nervous to be around such a new culture and people??. And I really want to study abroad in France ;’)

I’m SUPER NERVOUS esp cause I totally haven’t been studying chinese like i should lol hopefully the 3 hours a day of language classes will help

I hope you can study abroad in France!! I was there for….4 days and did touristy stuff but I had a lot of fun lol


god: dont worship false idols
me: what about love live
god: those the real idols